Auto Door & Boom Barriers


For passages of up to 2.5m and 4m.
The fast automatic barriers are the ideal solution when you need to control and select roads and parking areas in residential and collective settings. They are available with both 230V and 24V motors and also in the special inox steel (rust proof) cabinet version. Ideal for application near the sea or in high traffic areas.

Gard 3

For passages of up to 2.75m.
Designed for opening widths of up to 2.75 metre, Came’s new Gard 3 barriers are made to handle intense traffic flows thanks to their electrical panel and dedicated motor that provide quick 0,9 second opening times. Especially suited to handle quick passages in public parking lots, hospitals, motorways and any other context or facilities ith elevated volumes of traffic density.


For passages of up to 3.75m.
Gard4 is the new, automatic street barrier designed for regular vehicular flows in both residential as well as multi-user settings. It features soft profiles, rounded edges to offset the sail-effect, and innovative shapes all included in a barrier which fits harmoniously in all environments.


For passages of up to 7.6m.
Gard8 features innovative design features and is the latest in the line of automatic road barriers. It is the ideal solution to control roads and parking areas in industrial and collective settings. It comes in both the 230V and 24V versions.

Software Security

Improving software application security from development to deployment by integrating security development and assure the best practices "touch points" and repeatable metric driven processes into the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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  • CCTV Cameras
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